User Functionality Fixed

It came to my attention that the user functionality on the site was not working correctly. It seems that the login page used to revert to a white screen when used, and the registration workflow was not working correctly (partially due to the login screen).

User Login And Logout

I have taken steps to fix this issue. Users can now safely log in and log out again, this time entirely from the main directory of the Chraki site installation. You’ll find the new page at, as well as in the menus at the top and bottom of the site.

If for some reason you cannot remember your password, please try the following:

User Profiles

If you are already logged in, you may notice that some of the links and content changed when it comes to editing and filling out your profile information.

There are new pages / URLs for accomplishing these tasks. To edit your profile information head over to and to view your own profile see You’ll find these links in the top and bottom menus of the site as well.

These profiles should update and show your bio information and such in the forum as well. This is where you’d edit that information. You’ll note then also, that is now gone. Please update any links or bookmarks you may have.


If for some reason you continue to experience user functionality problems on the site after this fix, please make sure you contact me and let me know so I can fix them.


photo credit: Galo Naranjo DSCF1633 via photopin (license)


Asher Wolfstein

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