The Official Chraki Language uses a third-party login system for access to its community and personal features. This is much like using Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn to log in to an external unaffiliated site. In this case The Official Chraki Language uses IncarnateMe, a federated identity server, to register and authenticate users.

Login With Single-Sign-On using IncarnateMe

[sso_button text=”Login With IncarnateMe” target=”_self”]

What Is IncarnateMe?

IncarnateMe is:

… a federated identity server and [a] single-sign-on service point. This is a website where you can register an IncarnateMe account (brought to you by Novelty Factor LLC). An IncarnateMe account is an OAuth 2.0 enabled user account, allowing you to have a single sign-on experience with multiple enabled sites.

About IncarnateMe

Using IncarnateMe will allow you to use one login for many different client sites, including this one. It is currently maintained by Novelty Factor LLC, and runs on secure open-source software implementing OAuth 2, an industry-standard distributed login system.