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The Chraki Repository

I believe version control can be helpful for the Chraki project not just as a measure and recording of programming, but of all pertinent materials concerning the project including fonts, SVG files, and other information. In this vein, I have looked over various version control systems to see what they have to offer.


Chraki As A Programming Language

Chraki as a programming language is a peculiar beast. It is based on tried and true computer science theories and techniques, but at the same time, it isn’t afraid to step “out of line”...


The Chraki Syllabary

This post has the entire Chraki syllabary in a handy table for perusing (and other pertinent information.)


The Chraki Writing System

This post covers the general ideas that figure into writing in Chraki. We cover all the graphemes being both the syllabary and the encodifications.


Basic Phonetic Structure

Covers the elemental phonemes that make up the phonetic units, and lastly how to correctly pronounce those phonetic units when put in sequence (morphetics.)


Foundational Elements Of Chraki

This post serves as an addendum to the About Page. Here I’ll present a more delineated and detailed overview of each part of Chraki from the ground up. There will also be a bit...